Everything you have been looking for is inside you!

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"Miracles happen when you connect to your Divine Light within"  


I am a highly intuitive empath who cares deeply about people and humanity's purpose, as the caretakers of Mother Earth. I have felt a deep connection with Spirit since a child, mainly through animals where I found comfort, companionship and unconditional love. My relationship with animals and spirit has deepened over the years, comforting and guiding me through traumatic experiences and many joys. 


From a young age most of us are taught that life’s treasures are external. We become seekers of everything outside ourselves to attain happiness.  It is rare one is taught that these treasures are not external, that they reside within. 


You are the Rainbow and the pot of gold is within!  

The journey home to you may well be the bravest, most challenging journey of your life.  I invite you to take it.  Your life mission is to be happily you, in the ways that feel most true - to fall in love with your life here on Earth just as much as you feel love in your soul for the heavenly stars.  You are meant to be here, shinning as a beautiful loving star on Earth. For as long as you need me I will be honored to journey by your side, reflecting back all the love and light you bring to this planet.  


When you open your heart to all that this magical universe has to offer, you are open to receiving love, joy, prosperity, health and abundance.  


This is my wish for you. 

With Love,


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