University Of Self Worth is devoted to helping our tribe live the healthiest,  peaceful and joyful lives they can. In order to reach this goal, we want to share with you meditations, books, music and any other inspiring loveliness that comes across our path. If you have something that has helped you on your journey we would love you to post to our Facebook family.

Meditations for the soul


These meditations are our gift to you. Use them to inspire, relax, affirm, connect, let go, release and much more.

Aged pages of a book on top of fluffy so


Reading feeds your brain, spirit and soul.
Books motivate, inspire, improve knowledge, vocabulary, make you smarter, more creative, you make better quality friends, avoid bad habits and help you to see the world differently.

Cheerful young woman listening music in


Discover how music can help you relax, move, inspire, excite, motivate, exercise, dance, sing and stir your soul.