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No Rain, No Rainbows has been created ...


We live in a time where we are more connected than ever through social media and yet we have lost our connection to each other, animals,  nature, and most of all, to ourselves.  Violence, abuse, anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity and sickness is at an all time high.   

At No Rain, No Rainbows we stand up for the innocent and voiceless, and we help women remember that they matter. We open people’s hearts to their connections with each other,  animals, nature and most of all, to ourselves. We open people’s minds to what is happening around us. And we inspire people to be an integral part of the solution. Through the stories and interactions with our animals and each other, we can raise women and future generations to have reverence for all life, protect our planet, live good healthy, happy, empowered and joyful lives.



No Rain, No Rainbows is a global sisterhood, sharing self worth programs to women and children affected by trauma, particularly abuse, empowering them with a tool-kit to navigate the storms of life and helping them to discover that their pot of gold lies within.



No Rain, No Rainbows is a global sisterhood, who shares connection, personal stories, resources and inspiration through an online platform or connect in a natural environment for the purpose of learning the concepts of self worth, unconditional love, and gain a sense of responsibility towards each other, animals and mother earth. 



Respect, Honor, Charity, Faith, Gratitude, Humility, Forgiveness, Unconditional Love